What Determines Value?

what-is-the-value-of-my-possessionIf you’ve resolved to document your valuable non-financial assets, keep in mind that “value” isn’t limited to monetary worth.


• If the family needs Dad’s healthcare directive right now because he slipped into a coma over a long holiday weekend, but the document is in the lawyer’s office, the immediate availability of that document becomes more valuable to the family than a Rembrandt painting.

• When a cherished album of family photos is ruined in a flood, the grieving owners would gladly pay a fortune to have that irreplaceable family history back, when for mere dollars the photos could have easily been preserved through digital documentation.

• When an urgent meeting can’t take place until the client accesses critical documents or data germane to the issues at hand, the delay may cost a significant sum in fees and missed opportunities.

If you have not yet documented important records, confidential data and family keepsakes, ask yourself these questions:

• How much time are you willing to waste in crucial situations?

• What is the value of spontaneously collaborating with your trusted advisors or family members in distant locations?

• What dollar value would you assign to sentimental items pertaining to family history?

Ultimately, creating a digital catalog and storing it securely online for reference, enjoyment, or real-time collaboration is not only practical, it protects the most valuable asset of all: your peace of mind.

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