The Thrill of the Hunt

man-sitting-artworkA fascinating article in the New York Times explores the psychological and logistical dynamics of hunting down, acquiring and collecting valuable paintings, sculptures and other works of art.

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It’s easy to understand the appeal of collecting. Yes, the supply of fine art and other collectibles is limited, which bodes well for a healthy return on investment, but collecting is about far more than making money. Many items are unique and scarce, which get a prize hunter’s competitive juices flowing. The sheer joy and pride of ownership also factor in; not only can items be displayed for decoration, the owner can personally see and touch each piece whenever they feel moved to do so. Many owners of valuable art also enjoy stimulating cultural awareness, appreciation and value through philanthropic efforts. You can’t get those benefits from fondling a $100 bill, a government bond or a stock certificate.

Experienced collectors recognize that thoroughly documenting their works of art—so that they know every aspect of what they own and where it’s located—is a necessary and responsible aspect of collecting. Creating a digital catalog of these assets protects their investments by ensuring that they have the right type and amount of insurance coverage and keep that coverage up to date as asset circumstances change. In the event of a fire, natural disaster, or burglary, furnishing the insurance provider with a detailed list of affected property as promptly as possible can increase the efficiency and reduce the stress of the claim filing process. In contrast, the lack of accurate documentation may cause some lost items to be underinsured or overlooked altogether, adding unnecessary stress to an already distraught owner and substantially affecting the recovery process.

Retaining Archival Property Solutions to digitally document these prized possessions securely online also offers the owner the pleasure of remotely viewing any item in a prized collection at any time, and even sharing the experience through connected devices with family members, friends or trusted advisors in distant locations. Ultimately, inventorying a collection is a natural extension of the desire to acquire these objects in the first place.

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