The Case of the Culpable Collector

A mint condition T206 Honus Wagner baseball card was sold for $2.8 million in 2011

A colleague recently told me about a client who had an extensive and expensive collection of curios. He had rather sheepishly turned to her for help in documenting and cataloging it after his wife had insisted he do so. The client’s wife told him, “If you’re going to complicate our lives with your collection to this extent, you better get all the facts organized and detail a plan for me or the kids to follow in case it falls to us to untangle all of it.”

It’s a fair point and one that every serious collector should consider. Tomorrow is promised to no one. If the collector were to absent-mindedly step in front of a bus, his wife and kids would be left to literally pick up the pieces of his cherished collectibles. Chances are they wouldn’t know what the collection was worth, who to trust to appraise it or how to go about selling it.

Amassing a valuable collection of any type carries with it the responsibility of documenting it for the sake of the loved ones you may suddenly leave behind. Absent advance planning, every situation involving valuable assets can or will become someone else’s problem in due time.

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