When Natural Disasters Strike

archive-assets-natural-disasterNature’s ferocious power has been on full display recently, from Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast to wildfires in California to devastating tornadoes in Texas and Oklahoma.

When natural disasters strike, the human element is obviously priority one, and our hearts go out to people everywhere who were severely injured or who lost precious loved ones. Loss of property and possessions pales by comparison but still must be addressed in the aftermath of such tragedies.

Eleven years ago, my house burned to the ground in the middle of the night. In the midst of my shock and grief, I was forced to deal with the unavoidable details of trying to recall and document every damaged or destroyed item for my insurer. It was in the ashes of my home fire that the seeds for Archival Property Solutions were planted. I was forced to recognize that if I had made a more comprehensive effort to more carefully document my possessions, important papers and confidential data prior to that terrible fire, I would not have felt so powerless in the months that followed.

My house fire drove home the point that such unexpected and devastating occurrences are not only disorienting and overwhelming, they often have enormous price tags associated with them. As I slowly rebuilt my life and my house from the ground up, I vowed to do what I could to leverage the knowledge and skills I gained from my experience to help others minimize their financial loss, emotional turmoil and valuable time lost to recovery and rebuilding activities in the wake of disastrous events. They can then focus on what matters most: comforting family members, rebuilding or repairing their damaged home, and saving, recovering, restoring or replacing their valued possessions.

Today, Archival Property Solutions helps high-net-worth owners and their professional advisors cope with, plan for, protect against, and recover from life’s unexpected events by digitally cataloging their tangible assets and securely storing them for private, confidential access. Then, if a natural disaster, fire or theft results in damage or loss, the road to recovery is smoother, more orderly and less emotionally and financially taxing.

Ultimately, creating a digital catalog of valued property, documents and data is not only practical, it protects the most valuable asset of all: peace of mind.

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Archival Property Solutions documents and catalogs the tangible assets of high-net-worth owners for their personal viewing pleasure and support of crucial Family Office and wealth management activities. Clients who have substantial and complex holdings in multiple locations can now keep their catalog of non-financial assets stored securely for private, confidential access via computer, tablet or phone. When maintained with current information, this confidential digital catalog can keep owners and their trusted advisors better informed, enabling them to stay current with professional service objectives and to plan for, protect against, cope with and recover from life’s unexpected events.

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