Get It Together: Organize Your Records So Your Family Won’t Have To

get-it-together-Melanie-Cullen Archival Property Solutions (APS) partners with Get it Together, a California firm whose flagship product helps clients organize important personal records, some of which are essential for critical care and end-of-life information.

The resulting road map is a boon for survivors and caregivers in the event of the client’s incapacity or death. Absent this road map, grieving family members may be forced to contend with an avalanche of difficult and stressful details in the midst of substantial emotional duress.

Building this orderly library of useful information across as many as 28 categories is perhaps the most thoughtful gift that someone can provide for their loved ones. It’s a highly valued task yet an often postponed one, considering the amount of detailed and time-consuming work involved.

Given that most of the information in these categories is already covered in APS’ documentation services, we stand ready to help with this task. A client may want some or all of this “Get It Together” information added to the APS secure online vault that contains the client’s broader digital catalog of tangible asset categories.

The finished “Get It Together” catalog, including the original documents, stays with the client, a family member or a trusted advisor. If any part or all of this physical catalog has been integrated into the APS secure online catalog, it can also be accessed through mobile electronic devices by owner-authorized family members or other advisors in distant locations.


hand-writing-a-letterMelanie Cullen of Get It Together, has compiled some unsolicited customer testimonials on her website. Click here to access them. Here are three of the powerful testimonials she’s received:

• This past April, my husband died and when I took the needed financial section to the financial planner and the lawyer, both commented what a wonderful gift the organized information was to me (and to them, I am sure). My deepest thanks to you for writing the book and teaching the class from which I have benefitted so much. You truly are a gifted teacher.

• Thank you for … a comprehensive guide that will finally allow me to organize all the important information and papers to support our trust. You have made me aware of what a burden and Herculean task I was assigning to our loved ones. That binder will be not only be a caring “gift” to our heirs but a wonderful resource for any emergency situation.

• The time and effort that went into developing Get It Together, we can only imagine. We enthusiastically applaud you…. As I read and worked my way through Get It Together, my appreciation strengthened and reinforced my gratefulness.The final product is a thing of beauty. Thank you! Thank you!

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