Insurance Claim Filing

Producing adequate proof of ownership and value when insured assets are lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed is the insured’s responsibility. Furnishing the insurance provider with a detailed list of affected property as promptly as possible can increase the efficiency and reduce the stress of the claims filing process.

In contrast, the lack of accurate documentation may cause some lost items to be underinsured or overlooked altogether, adding unnecessary stress to an already distraught owner and substantially reducing the resulting financial recovery.

About Archival Property Solutions, LLC

Archival Property Solutions documents and catalogs the tangible assets of high-net-worth owners for their personal viewing pleasure and support of crucial Family Office and wealth management activities. Clients who have substantial and complex holdings in multiple locations can now keep their catalog of non-financial assets stored securely for private, confidential access via computer, tablet or phone. When maintained with current information, this confidential digital catalog can keep owners and their trusted advisors better informed, enabling them to stay current with professional service objectives and to plan for, protect against, cope with and recover from life’s unexpected events.

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