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Archival Property Solutions, LLC documents and catalogs the tangible assets of high-net-worth owners for their personal viewing pleasure, real-time collaboration with family and professional advisors, and support of crucial Family Office and wealth management activities.

These assets, wherever they are located, may include, but are not limited to, fine art, valuable collections, jewelry, gems, antiques, memorabilia, and luxury items such as airplanes and boats. We also document business and investment properties as well as residential structures, their landscapes, and their daily use contents, including amenities, furniture, décor, fixtures, finishes, and other architectural details.

The resulting digital catalog of tangible assets is then available for private viewing by the owner and other owner-authorized users on a secure website via computer, tablet or phone. Imagine the enjoyment and satisfaction of being able to view clear images of such personally important objects or a large private collection at any time, no matter where the items are located or where the viewer is situated.

This private, confidential and secure catalog also enables high-net-worth owners to conveniently collaborate with trusted advisors to better manage the complexities associated with great wealth. It serves as a valuable resource for Family Office activities and a wide range of services including estate planning, tax strategy, wealth management and personal- and business-related legal work. Such detailed documentation can also help clients assess whether their insurance coverage is suitable well ahead of a claim should property be lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed.

This digital library, which can include scans of confidential documents and data, may also prove helpful by providing family members, advisors and caregivers with critical information in the event of the owner’s mental or physical incapacitation.

With so much at stake, compiling such a digital catalog is best left to experienced and trustworthy professionals. The end result is enhanced when the process is managed by people who have broad experience with property categories and asset classes, and the network reach to refer owners to experienced appraisers and other uniquely qualified professionals when appropriate.

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